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The End of the Matter (Ecclesiastes 12:9-14)

Solomon’s assessment of his own writing and a clear statement on the purpose of the book. An exposition of Ecclesiastes 12:9-14.

Growing Old Poetically (Ecclesiastes 12:1-8)

Solomon offers an honest and poetic description of old age and death. He encourages us to remember our Creator while we are young. An exposition of Ecclesiastes 12:1-8.

Enjoying Life Under The Sun (Ecclesiastes 11:7-10)

Solomon offers advice to the young and the old on rejoicing in this life under the sun. An exposition of Ecclesiastes 11:7-10.

The Risks, The Rewards, And The Unknown (Ecclesiastes 11:1-6)

Solomon encourages a bold, faithful, active life even in spite of all that we do not know about the future, the outcomes, or the secret workings of God. And exposition...

Wisdom and Our Rulers (Ecclesiastes 10:16-20)

Solomon contrasts a foolish and wise king and then applies wisdom to the king and the citizens. An exposition of Ecclesiastes 10:16-20.

Wisdom and Our Words (Ecclesiastes 10:12-15)

Solomon contrasts the words (speech) of the wise man with the speech of a fool. An exposition of Ecclesiastes 10:12-15.

Wisdom and Work (Ecclesiastes 10:8-11)

Solomon applies wisdom to our labor to show the advantage that wisdom can bring. An exposition of Ecclesiastes 10:8-11.

The Exaltation of Folly (Ecclesiastes 10:4-7)

Solomon tells us how to deal with a foolish ruler and what happens when foolishness is exalted in a nation. An exposition of Ecclesiastes 10:4-7.

The Weight of Folly (Ecclesiastes 10:1-3)

Chapter 10 of Ecclesiastes contrasts wisdom and folly as Solomon seeks to prove that wisdom is better than strength, shouting, and weapons of war (9:16-18). In the fir...

Wisdom is Better (Ecclesiastes 9:11-18)

In the light of life’s uncertainties, Solomon commends the path of wisdom. An exposition of Ecclesiastes 9:11-18.

A Life Enjoyed (Ecclesiastes 9:7-10)

In light of the reality of death (see 9:2-6) we should live life to the fullest, enjoying God’s good gifts to us as a preview of the glories to come. An exposition of ...

Dealing With Death (Ecclesiastes 9:2-6)

Solomon takes up the subject of death once again. He shows us that death is indiscriminate in its selection, deserved because of our sin, and destructive because of wh...

In The Hand of God (Ecclesiastes 8:16-9:1)

Ultimately the secret workings of God’s providence and sovereignty are beyond human understanding. Certain things are not revealed to us. Solomon encourages us to rest...

Slow Justice Is Still Justice (Ecclesiastes 8:10-15)

Solomon laments the praise that is given to the wicked in this life and reminds us that there is justice to come in the next. An exposition of Ecclesiastes 8:10-15.

Wisdom Before The King (Ecclesiastes 8:1-9)

Solomon commands obedience to the King and gives a number of reasons for obeying authorities. An exposition of Ecclesiastes 8:1-9.

A Disappointing Search (Ecclesiastes 7:23-29)

Solomon searched for the meaning behind all reality. What he discovered was not what he expected. An exposition of Ecclesiastes 7:23-29.

A Grand Injustice, Part 2 (Ecclesiastes 7:19-22)

Solomon’s answer to the common mindset he described in 7:15-18. A look at the universal condemnation of all men as “unrighteous.” We hear some wisdom for interpersonal...

A Grand Injustice, Part 1 (Ecclesiastes 7:15-18)

Sometimes the righteous perish and the wicked persist. This observation leads some to question the value of wisdom. This message is an examination of the most difficul...

Trusting God in a Bent World (Ecclesiastes 7:11-14)

Solomon describes the benefit of wisdom and speaks of living in a bent world under the sovereignty of God. An exposition of Ecclesiastes 7:11-14.

The Way of Wisdom (Ecclesiastes 7:5-10)

A sprinkling of proverbs dealing with a variety of subjects. An exposition of Ecclesiastes 7:5-10.

The House of Mourning (Ecclesiastes 7:1-4)

We learn more from a funeral than we will from 1,000 parties. Solomon encourages us to learn the lessons that death wants to teach us. An exposition of Ecclesiastes 7:...

Our Want Of Wisdom (Ecclesiastes 6:10-12)

We apologize in advance for the poor audio quality on this recording due to a technical glitch. Solomon summarizes the first half of Ecclesiastes and introduces us ...

The Affliction of Riches (Ecclesiastes 6:1-9)

An examination of someone who is given riches, wealth, and honor but not given the ability to enjoy those riches. Solomon’s concluding thoughts on wealth and riches. A...

The Gift of Enjoyment (Ecclesiastes 5:18-20)

Solomon encourages us to enjoy the simple and everyday gifts that God has given to us. This enjoyment is the reward for our toil and a gift from God. An exposition of ...

Two Grievous Evils (Ecclesiastes 5:13-17)

Solomon describes two grievous evils: riches hoarded and riches lost. An exposition of Ecclesiastes 5:13-17.

The Failure of Riches (Ecclesiastes 5:10-12)

Vanity vexes the rich as well as the poor. The rich have their own problems and Solomon describes some of them. Riches fail to provide satisfaction, security or sleep....

Officials Over Officials Watching Officials (Ecclesiastes 5:8-9)

Solomon observes that the poor are oppressed by government officials who are protected by yet higher and higher levels of government officials. Indeed, everyone in the...

Pay What You Vow (Ecclesiastes 5:4-7)

Wisdom from Solomon on a third aspect of worship – making and keeping vows. An exposition of Ecclesiastes 5:4-7.

Let Your Words Be Few (Ecclesiastes 5:2-3)

Solomon warns us about approaching God flippantly in prayer and using meaningless words or being unnecessarily verbose. An exposition of Ecclesiastes 5:2-3.

The Sacrifice of Fools (Ecclesiastes 5:1)

Solomon offers wisdom on how we approach God. An exposition of Ecclesiastes 5:1 and introduction to 5:1-7.

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